what is happiness

.... it's almost like we are like rats in a maze, rats who are in amazement
of all the glitter, gold and technology at our disposal

... we can't see the exit to the maze, with all the twists and turns
... but we move constantly toward the exit, pushed on by
some invisible gods we serve

... are we like dogs? .... where we need a master to serve,
just so we can revel in the pats on the head, bestowed upon
us for doing useful tricks or for blind obedience to the master?

... or are we entitled to be happy...whatever that means to each person?

... what responsibilities do we bear for the karma incurred to
bring us all such happiness?

... i think if i asked an average person, they would be very
happy to just stay home, eat home cooking, play with the kids,
and just kick back with family and friends...forever....

... instead we are erroneouly told that happiness is attained by
looking more perfect, having more money, having more material
things...escaping further and further out into the suburbs
... trying to escape the very life we live....what foolishness

... we fall prey to living in a sort of a delusional time span,
where we think we will never grow old, that our little exciting
material lives will go on forever, and yes... Camelot is real

... but what... what really is it that makes us happy, so that we
are content...right down to the soul level?

... we all walk our own paths, but for me, it is the thought that
my soul essence is eternal...and that as long as i keep improving
my karma... I will make it back into the topmost dimensions of the
cosmos.... heaven as we like to call it

... in the vein of improving karma... you are what you eat is so obvious
a golden observation, that it boggles the mind that we forget this fact...
and it is further compounded by our modern way of scientific thinking
wherein it is claimed that you should be healthy if you get your
recommended MDA's of vitamins, etc.

.... but the earth we evolved in has a psychic, or spiritual side, which
is totally integrated to the web of life...which reminds me of the Star Trek
movie where whales were the last sentinels on earth... and without the thought
emanations from them, destruction would ensue...

some rules i live by:

... rule number 1:... if possible, eat local and in season for your area

... rule number 2:... stay home and tend to your gardens...
there is no high life out there in some club ... the life you seek is right
inside you.... (courtesy of Dr. Pangloss)

... rule number 3:... exercise your free will, so as to make rules numbers 1 and 2 more feasible

... rule number 4:... remember...there is no permanent happiness, only temporary illusions

... thats a start on seeking happiness anyways... :-)


2009 by zentara