survival pods

... i was watching a tv show on the impact of global warming
on Bangladesh, and how the people are adapting by learning
to live floating on water in barges, and only romping around
on land when the water is low

... one of the most interesting ideas i saw, was one guy's
idea to make little floating survival pods, which were essentially
floating family tents, with a little place to cook and sleep and
get out of the weather

... maybe we should do the same thing?.... these wasted travel trailers
they push as mobile housing are not suited for long term adverse
conditions, like flooding, incessant rain, etc...

... we need some sort of high quality mobile survival pods that can
be floated like a barge and lashed together... or have wheels bolted on
and towed to position

... they would have to involve alot of steel and metal, so they can be
steam blasted, repainted, and reused

... they would have bolt on solar panels on the roof( extra price :-) )
and battery powered, and internet ready with a mobile wifi setup

... i hope some far thinking engineers and designers, will make the lithium
ion battery packs used for the coming electric cars, to be the universal
power pack for all heavy duty duty power applications... that way people could
swap batteries between vehicle and living pod in emergencies....

... for that matter... i hope all manufacturers strive toward a single
worldwide battery design, so we can have the most efficient recycling
and parts interchange between chassis

... imagine the battery in your car being compatible to your house
backup power.... so your car could power your house in an emergency

... i have 2 motives for this little article of thought...

1. the way management is now, or has been here in Detroit,
(ignorance floats to the top and is blinded by power and greed),
...this thought of making a priority of worldwide cooperation on battery
design and integration, may not have come up, unless some honest dufus like
me mentions it....

2. i may soon be homeless, and could use one of those pods :-)


2009 by zentara