some beautiful synchronicity

... i was listening to the fm canadian
radio.... my favorite show, this fine sunday morning

... this morning the weekend host played a song about
"follow the man with the rainbow".... or some such bubble gum
sounding lyrics.... i scoffed to myself..."f*ck, like i need to
hear about a rainbow, as winter descends on me in Michigan, living
like a high class hobo

... but as i was out riding my bike, on the old school parking lot,
i suddenly looked up, and their was a giant full rainbow to the
... i was dumstruck as i saw the first rainbow at this time of year
in my life....must be the el nino moisture

... then i remember the rainbow song.... what kind of weird magic
is this?.... it certainly is cool, but i wonder what it signifies?

... i've been praying to the One, to put me on the right path back to
the heavenly realms.... maybe if i googlemap my street, bisect the
parabolic curve of the rainbow (as i remember its positional end points)
.... it would give me the right compass direction to take to get to
my next level? :-)....naw too easy...maybe its which bike route to take out of here. ;-)
... the story to chase the gold at the ends is for spiritual losers, want it's magical properties to guide you in the right direction

.... or maybe it means to go back to Hawaii, where i used to go to
school and work?.... the rainbow is hawaii's logo.... good place
for bicycling too.... little ice and snow....but often wet...but
everything is damp there anyways....i like cool and dry
.... of course the nice looking hula girls....pros and cons of a dreamer :-)

... wouldn't it be cool if we all could direct our lifes as is it
was some sort of event sequence magic... like a video game...but
realtime.... thats god's game with each of us....we are characters in a video game
that has some sort of perfected mental state as the goal....
... which once attained allows entrance to the heavenly realms

... but back to the song... on my second loop thru the parking lot,
a cat, with it's winter fur starting to get all fluffed out, and
wintery looking, saw me, and started to run alongside me thru the
lot to get to the other side.... she acted so proud... running like a brave
cheetah or cougar, but in miniature..... i think she just felt safe
running with me as escort to the other side..???? ... my soulmate in
cat form??

..... cabin fever already, and it isn't even december yet.


2009 by zentara