we create atlantis

... you want more of the carnival on earth?....well here
is the way for us to buy more time, and fulfill all the
old prophecies...like the old indian tale of the end coming
when there are cities floating in the sky... hopi tales iirc

... so the global warming is gonna hit harder than most people
want to believe.... eventually culminating in an ice age....

.... floating cities (and the japanese are already building them)
will be these giant living quarters for thousands of people...

.... as the ice age make living in the north/south(temperate zones) unsustainable,
people will want to move to the thin band of warm livable areas
near the equator.... there won't be enough room... and the whole series
of floating cities, strung further and further out to sea, form a
belt around the globe.

... fish farms are underneath, and carbo's are made in microbe tanks,
and made into tasty cakes....people don't eat much...and are skinny

... eventually, the space elevator is perfected (especially the emergency disconnect),
and a second belt of living quarters up in space is begun
...the elevator just kept pushing stuff up, and they just kept asssembling

... that is the farthest, viable future that i can see... its very real..
but i don't know how far in the future it is.... i'm guessing at least
10,000 years.... about 1 year in the big calendar of the galaxy

... time may be one big loop, and our legends of atlantis, may
very well be created by us in the future


2009 by zentara