does God throw dice?

...watched the last quantuum2cosmos show and a rerun of an
advanced statistics lecture given by some cool professor
from california (institute of tech ?)

... all i really thought was,.... man these scientists
have generally been doing us alot of good as a whole

... its better to be knowledgable and scared shitless,
than to be ignorant and in bliss

???? i don't know... i may have wanted to be blissful...
but at least i still have peace and happiness.... :-)

... the statistics lecture made me realize why i think i dropped
out of school.... i didn't want to start quantifying and over-analyzing
all the events in my life
... my life seemed to have magical qualities where i believed
"if there is a will ... there is a way"
...i watched too many Adventures in Paradise episodes in my formative years.. :-)

... i guess it is true...only by default..because if there
ceases to be a will (to be) , its all over anyways

...i just wanted to say that i think the free will of the
human thought process has an effect on the future,
and although long term averages may show trends after the fact,
in any one event... ANYTHING can occur... its a magic that runs
life as we know it

...i am tending to over analyze it here again arn't i?
which makes over-analyzing psychologically painful and useless
for a man whose soul purpose in life is to get back into heaven

... einstein said that god didn't roll dice.... but now i see
god's game is more advanced.... he rolled us as dice....but we are
DYNAMICALLY loaded dice.... and can bounce away as long as we have
energy and free will... ;-)


2009 by zentara