we need more cameras on the streets

... this week alot of weird stuff has been reported all
over the country, .... missing kids... attacked kids...

... that florida mother on tv screaming for justice for her little
girl haunts me, to the point of wanting to know what actually
happened, and if nefarious, see the the person suffer.

... also to provide closure to the family...just in case
they have misplaced hatred.... it could be an accidental
thing, like maybe she climbed in a dumpster to hide and got
accidently crushed

... why wasn't their cameras on those streets and alleys?

... it sure would make people feel alot more secure to know that
somehow, somewhere a camera is on them when outside in their

... then the trick will be to make sure the cameras arn't stolen
or vandalized... like spy vs spy

... why wasn't there a camera on that area?.... that would
be a good public works project.... install a national outdoor
camera system... like England has...

... it would be money well spent


2009 by zentara