the psychosomatic factor

...was watching the q2c conference this morning
on genetics .... biology never really fascinated me when
i was young .... except for playing games.

... the essence of what i heard is that there are many
more variables in the equation, than just the genes you
have.... the environment.... and yes the way you perceive reality

... the psychosomatic link.... the way the thoughts in your
mind can control what genes are turned on and off, and how your
free will can control it

... i admit, i am one of those crazy guys, that believes that
you do have some extraordinary control over your life force
(especially evident when faced with adrenaline pumping danger)
... you some how speed up in time (or just more thoughts per second)

.... i think that believing in yourself and your right to exist
as a happy healthy person, is a God given right... so if
some giant psychic beast attacks... like cancer, or a metabolic
ailment... you should be able to hold tight... appeal your case to
the highest court in the cosmic universe.... then wait for justice
to be made and things corrected

... of course... you usually are required to change the way you eat,
live and think.... but you do have a free will.... God is deviously clever
in our training.... you can't fool God

... and living well is the best revenge... been said before

... i have been told, that due to the nature of the regeneration process,
almost all the atoms in our bodies get completely replaced every 7
years.... so if you can fight off the attacks for 7 years, in this
view, you can repair yourself by putting the right atoms back together correctly,

.... never give up your right to repair yourself
... to me that would be like selling your soul...
and that comes to the true nature of the psychosomatic link....
... we are being trained by higher creatures to be better souls,
so we can get into the heavenly dimensions

.... but we all have our own thoughts on those deep matters of
life and death... so i leave that morbidity for each individual
to discover in their own way..... it is the essence of free will...
to walk your own path, in your own shoes

... i think guilt is the most damaging psychosomatic trigger
to start the self-destruction process.... people have
got to find ways of not feeling guilty about their crummy lives

... guilt locks you down's the creator's way of auto-shutting down the engine
of creation in us... for if we start to run amok karmically,
the master is required to start powering down
.... that affects the regeneration engine

... i think earth is a big reform school for errant souls

... that's my zen view

... from my old Catholic indoctrination.... the view is:

we all get hung on the cross as we die, and become like jesus
... and we are judged by how we handle our own crucifiction....
... crucified for our sins, and sometimes the sins of others which impact us...
... do you fight the karma or peacefully accept it ?

... fight for what you believe is right... but be ready to change
your beliefs, as you find yourself banging your head againt the WALL

... perfection awaits at the end of the struggle


2009 by zentara