the gross national happiness

...was watching the q2c conference this morning
on the technology that is connecting us (sort
of "imitation psychically ?") , together thru the
web and what the near future may bring

... i liked the mention of injectable sensors and
artificial organs, that are microprocessor controlled
which slowly inject molecules and chemicals to keep you
healthy and happy

... but the question is... do we want these invisible
entities in us, ..... even if they repair us or keep us healthy
.... it just seems something could go terribly wrong....
like dr frankenstein or dr no

.... who would control it?

all this brings me what the ultimate question is:
how do we make a happy place to live, and have it sustainable?

that is what a good king would be contemplating

... and that reminds me of the news report i saw on
Bhutan (IIRC), where the king's government issues a yearly report
on the Gross National Happiness

... i think the rest us the world needs to adopt this way of
thinking.... damn pushing the fancy lifestyle
.... ask are you happy and feel secure?

... shouldn't there be a foundation for this? ...
The World Happiness Foundation ... bringing the world free twinkies
(until we can get you something better)

.... that will increase the happiness quotion, for sure, as long
as they don't eat too many... :-)

... i try to stay on a macrobiotic diet when possible, but even i must
confess that twinkies are really tasty, and i felt good after eating it :-)

twinkie twinkie, little bar
how i wonder what you are
away up the list of tasty food
makes me feel like a satisfied dood


2009 by zentara