the cool breeze

... as i rode my bike today against the cool breeze, it reminded
me of an old monk's tale related to me by my old buddy from
the old chicken commune....

.... it was about a group of monks, who pursued, cornered in a treehouse,
and ordered to surrender to the evil king or die, chose not
to surrender
.... so the leader of the king's forces ordered the tree house
burnt, with them in it

... the master said to the seated meditating monks....
"don't worry, it will feel like a cool breeze"

i think that is how it feels to die... you get a coolness
as the last bit of thermal energy drains away, and you are
essentially left at room temperature... but this may not
be bad.... remember "hell is supposed to be hot" :-) so
going into coolness is probably a good indicator of success

i think that is what my soul will be thinking if i get
cremated.... my material atom self will be blown away by the
incessant flames, but it will feel even cooler, as the soul
can then revert to the background temp of the cosmic vaccuum,
just a few degrees above absolute zero(as a WAG)... as opposed
to the ambient earth range of temps

everything moves real slow when its 40 below,
but things move very fast when you are near absolute zero
its superconductivity

... i'm inclined to think that astral travelling is just your
soul moving in a superconductive manner, in the right dimension


2009 by zentara