thoughts from the cold depths

.... as i watched another tvo show from the q2c conference on space
it made me ponder my soul

i think when i die, it will be so wonderfully cool feeling, just a numbing
sinking into coolness, where the big ice age party is going on with the
goddesses... just dissolving away into the cosmic ocean

... i prefer to astral travel the old fashion way... :-)

... i think going out into the vast emptiness out there, as a human life form,
is psychically nuts.... since we have evolved as a life form in conjunction
with the earth.... we will not do well in a really prolonged abscense from
earth.... without changing..... maybe i'm wrong, but i would bet we
evolve into greys, or something more radiation resistant...

... i however, have had to find escape from earth via the process of believing
in a soul.... an eternal entity that exists in one of the dimensions way down
below in the dimensional levels... an eternal part of the cosmic structure....

... a radio show host whom i listen to, reported some norwegian scientists
at the big collider claimed the Higgs boson acted liked it didn't want to be
discovered...actually destroying equipment first thought is that it is part of our matter wave, but
just slightly displaced in time from the peak of the mass wave on which
we ride.... and as we try to get close to it, with the masses in our
material (i.e. our instruments ), our atoms start to badly interact
with that portion of time....and gets burnt

... as you can see... i prefer digging into the depths of the miniscule,
to get at the real source of power needed for REAL space travel
... the multidimensional spaces and what they contain

... that is not to say that going out there into the material emptiness
of junk rock and no air nor water is slightly wacky ;-)

... as usual, we are probably missing the key point... rockets and
that type of transport probably are not the way to go...
... i can see a space elevator, and a tiny resort at the top, where
people can pay to visit, and a constant supply of junk can be pushed
up onto orbit.... a sort of a second moon...but manmade

... this all reminds me of an old scifi movie They Live, where rockin roddy
piper (the tough old wrestler) , found sunglasses that allowed him to see the
other dimensions, and the pandemonium that ensued :-)

... how do i know this?... i'm channeling the cool thoughts,
from from the great ice age of the future, where we still exist as a dream

... i see barges around the equator, to hold all the refugees
... the next atlantis?

P.S. ... gotta have a ps :-)
... you know, as far as adapting people to be spacemen, in mentality,
... is already occurring.... modern people live in little air-controlled boxes,
and they travel in air-controlled transport vehicles.... so they already
could handle it...
.... i don't really know if that makes them happy
... are the colonists going to be happy?
... i can see happiness in a second man made moon, tethered to an elevator
... so we can come home for visits


2009 by zentara