the zen of cosmology

... today is one of those synchronous days, that make me believe
in something more than pure luck

... as i watched news in the wee hours of the morning, i just
happened to flip on an obscure channel that i can receive
in Detroit from Toronto....called tvo, full of static, but watchable

... it was highlighting the q2c (quantuum2cosmos) conference
being held somewhere near toronto this week

... an interesting discussion of a south african physcist
discussing multi-dimensional cosmology
... why i flipped it on at that serendipitous moment?....
that is the question isn't it?
.... its why i believe in the great conciousness

... then on the radio, a discussion of a 4.5 billion year
asteroid hits a parked car windshield after pinballing off
a garage door

... i dropped out of studying that stuff, when i came
to the conclusion that the real true model can be derived
from introspection of the mind itself, and inquiring why
it exists in it's current state
... and then let the magic of the cosmos instruct me

... i always was a dreamer...and early on, i liked the idea
of an eternal steady state universe, better than the big bang .... but
as a wise scientist once said ..... when 2 opposing views
collide, you resolve the conflict by adopting a perspective
that allows BOTH to be true

... so this 4.5 billion old rock reminds me of this conflict,
... the physicist called his model the cosmic bump

... so i'm thinking ( duck :-) )... we only can determine the age
of rock and 3d materials by some dating method that can only
track back to the last time the stuff was run thru a star cycle

... so if we only collect rock from our solar system, might not
we be limiting our correct assesment of the true age of the entire

.... just as the crust of the earth is recycled continously into
the core, only to re-emerge as new land... might not the stuff of the
cosmos get recycled and remerge elsewhere as new hydrogen or whatever
is needed to start the star cycle going?

... might not the cosmos's age be infinite?... with the langoliers
silently destructing the current matter wave, and recycling the strings
elsewhere into new stars?

... thats what i see in my intuitive visions


2009 by zentara