are they turning men gay ?

... first of all this isn't a gay bash... i know the ying yang stuff,
and realize the opposite sex is within all of us...what predominates
is what counts

... i thought the estrogen simulators being dumped in the
environment was bad enough... silently deballing us of testosterone

... now a U of Sheffield study says women on the pill prefer
to be with boyish men because they are easier to deal with.. live with...
....they only prefer the macho guys when they ovulate
... they prefer nice baby faced house husbands otherwise

... this brings up a big point that I encountered in my study
of myself in this society.... men and women may not actually be meant
to live together in households .... most tribal societies have
a separation of the men from the women and young children... as soon
as the boys start to exhibit domineering behavior... they get sent
to live in the long house with the men

... another point is the marriage bed.... men and women hardly
ever slept in the same bed in most societies for nightly rest...
it was always separate beds... you could sleep better

... there was always a marital bed, like a love seat
... mating occurred on full moons, when the fecund ladies would
come out from their compound, and party down with the men
they found attractive.... then they go back to living in the
female compound

... i like the idea of separate beds.. even separate bedrooms...
heck why not go all the way.... separate houses .... a separate planet? :-)

... heading back to the long house, to meditate on the meaning
of this crazy existence, and to think about Jo Pi, the fabled
medecine man

.... neko ... i hear you...i believe you, i can feel it... but i'm lost


2009 by zentara