dynamically stationary

... what is dynamically stationary?

... it is when you chose one reference frame out of many, to be
your sensory input channels... sight, ear, balance, feel, touch,
let us think we are sitting still....but it is only an illusory
magic... because we all are just matching velocity and path for all
items in view...we are lucky the earth's gravity holds it all down...
or else we would go crazy.. :-)

... i mean we think we are sitting still on earth,
but in reality hidden dimensions in the physical substructure
of the universe, are whipping thru us at probably near light
speed.... they can't be light speed, and still be part of our physical world,
according to current laws... maybe the lightspeed portion of ourselves
is our soul?

... i'm thinking of the neutrino, but also some sort of modulated
signal down in one of the deeper dimensional spaces... like where strings exist,
the modulation is very sophisticated.... something like wiggly strings which
align in their dimensional channel... the wiggle in the string can contain
immense information....and the information itself has almost infinite possibilites
for context modulation by the spherical coordinate system in which it exists

... maybe that is the Akashic Record's physical workings?
... with each heart beat we lay down a modulated pattern in the
substring dimensions... of all of our thoughts?.... i wonder
what the gigabyte (base2 computer information) equivalent of our
thought snapshot would be?.... probably less than you would think
... the video in your mind's eye, and the audio in your mind's ear,
and all the thoughts you are running thru your head as day dreams,
... maybe a gigabyte per heart beat( assume just for discussion)?
... also remember the encoding which the universe uses is probably similar
to FM modulation, ..... but in a spherical coordinate system... in such a system,
a gigbyte is next to nothing to store

... maybe with every heart beat, our brain is instructed to write the soul's
record of it's experience, down in the Great Record

... maybe at above light speeds as well?... who is to say?...
is it possible that we are affecting ourselves right now, from
some point in the future?

... has some future me, sent a signal back to me to tell me how
to save my soul? .... it's probably God doing it ... we think we
are in control, but are we?

... i saw a cracked gear (which broke of a old truck or something),
which has been sitting in my bike path for the last few weeks... everytime
i pass it, i think .... that is my buoy marker, and use it as a reference
point for marking my path... i did think about the danger of running it over,
but i figure that is the master, testing my bike yoga... :-)
... but as i meditate, i see it is dynamically stationary of sorts....
day after day, i see it, so it is a marker thru Time itself

... i have little to think about as i ride.. ;-)


2009 by zentara