remembering coolness

... the first frost on the pumpkin.... i love it because
it means many of the bugs are froze to death

... connection to the land is essential for a mind's sanity
... otherwise we become spacemen, no longer caring about
the seasons... just the temperature and radiation levels

... living in warm houses may not be good for you, in the long run
... turn down the thermostat, and let the inner infrared
heat generator that you have in your metabolism, kick in,
become a red man ....

... i'm looking forward to living in a tent

... yeah, you have to pay homage to the ancestors
and the old neighbors who have been there all along
... surviving alongside season after season, year after year

... i remember you too neko, as you asked, last night,
way out on the edge of the prairie, in Lake Wobegone
... the killer whales and tornados that want to absorb me,
because they love me, are the scariest thoughts since the langoliers

... is that what women are about deep down inside? they want
to absorb it all... all they love is pulled in so tight that they
smother what they love, and ultimately themselves thru despair
and self loathing?

... whilst men are dynamic individuals who seek to penetrate, repel, crush, and
make their environment conform to them... we tend to destroy
ourselves automatically, anyway we can :-(

... ying/yang .... i can see why females are superior, except
when it comes to killing bugs, snakes and fighting off hungry
coyotes and bears


2009 by zentara