the search for the Truth

... I eventually will have to know the truth, and I seek it

... the stiffness in my hips is improving as I lose weight
and ride my bicycle more

... what is the original karmic source of that stiffness?
... why do I feel like shit after driving a car?
... the gods will find out, and the truth will be known

... not having health insurance was a great blessing to me,
.... because it forced me
.... to dig out the hidden shaman within me,
to demand to know where the karma comes from....
... I like the visions that a shaman gets, its just pure
gut wrenching truth about the nature of existence, and how
the inner and outer worlds reflect each other

... the american dream is dead for me ... only the natural world remains
as having any real value that you can count on as truth
i.e. ... the birds still don't lie

... television no longer looks appealing to me

... the idea of a world of humans riding around
in externally powered vehicles is not very appealling
to me... the rat race at 70 MPH is actually a form of
hell on earth.... where tensions are sky high, and you could die
at any instant
... there are sections of highway around here, very crowded
and high speed... everytime I go by, it seems someone
flipped their vehicle...and is laying dead in the road
.... it's sort of like a lottery of death that you must
pass thru to get from point A to point B
.... and you do this to get to work ? ... and if
you don't do it, you can't have a permanent plot of land
to live on...

... all seems to be about the concept of owning land
... the shaman within me says, you really shouldn't own the
land... it belongs to God and is for the use of its occupants

... deep seated hidden karma comes with claiming to own land

... got a place I can camp? :-) ... you know a nice
prospector's camp.... a wall tent up on a wood
platform?.... preferrably away from car and engine noise


2009 by zentara