f*ck modern housing

... they wanted me to work construction

... no way, I said, am I goona waste my time
accumulating bad karma, building those above-ground heating/cooling jokes
you call modern american houses

... build cars?... no f*ckin way

... I'm in the karmic trap.... the monster wants me to
adopt a life of racing around in cars, destroying the
peace and atmosphere, and taking the goddam cancer karma
that comes from all the toxic exhaust
... i refuse and will fight the premise that putting
people on automatic powered wheels, is the road to happiness

... as far as I'm concerned, I want the arabs to keep their
goddam oil...I'm getting sick of the exhaust fumes

... i see alot of devilish looking people just
racing around in cars... got to get somewhere real
fast, because they are so important, or for some
other crazy-ass reason, like some bible quote proves some
bullshit or other bullshit

... the karma of city living in america has gotton so bad

... I actually have to judge wind conditions, wind speed,
and estimate the number of wild eyed devils racing by, way over the
speed limit, and how many fume belching vehicles and lawnmowers are running, and where, to whether it is safe to ride a bike on the streets or sit outside

... some of these vehicles emit great toxicity,

... at any moment a car can turn a corner and start going
full blast, leaving you in a trail of dust and fumes....
lucky me.... thanks for teaching me how to hold my breathe...
it may come in handy one day

... riding in cars disturbs the perception of the space/time event sequences
... I think it causes many abnormalities in your life
... the rat race kills

... I've been up nearly 24 hours, because of some particularly bad
fumes blown my way .... and just have to say, for the record, before the wild eyed meat fed hydrocarbon fueled devils, get me,
"f*ck this whole goddam car driving way of life"


2009 by zentara