compared to what?

... this is what

... how about immunity from nutritional disease, by
letting internal organisms secrete the vitamins we need,
as their waste product.... a symbiosis of sorts
... years of antibiotics kill them off

... all we are materially is a bag holding water,
with a bunch of friendly (hopefully) bacteria doing whatever they do,
to magically generate energy to keep us moving our muscles, which
is part of the codified design magic of the Great Designer... in the DNA

.... how about growing third aaaaand even more sets of teeth, instead
of our limit of 2..... that is how God naturally limited life
in the natural world... your teeth wore down to gumline and
you couldn't chew... a goner.... no VitaMixers back then...

.... some guy in S. America, years ago, claimed he was taken aboard
a ship of some sort ( i.e. a ufo), was hit with something, released,
and he started growing a third set of teeth... makes me wonder if
there is a gene or signal set somehow, that can turn that feature
on in us? ... a dangerous experiment for sure....he claimed it
worked for him.... but maybe that was because he was a poor peasant,
with a pure heart, soul, and environment....

.... memories of Perelandra....
.... all you needed each day was to eat 1 and only 1 of this pleasant
tasting fruit.... like a ripe papaya... or guava...
.... it grew everywhere like a weed, so it was free....

.... I wonder if we could genetically engineer banannas or any hardy
self-spreading plants like kumquats and blueberries for the north,
to contain enough nutrients, so that if you ate a few of them, you
could live well.... avocados are almost there, but too oily, and not
enough protein... someone may perfect it one day

.... don't laugh at me for thinking about this, as the grandchildren
coming down the road, may well have to live on some sort of bio-engineered
food... I call it tank food
... you can grow quite a nutritious soup with some friendly bacteria,
which can then be dried down, flavored, and put into bars...
... probably the first step toward soylent green,
(if you know what I mean :-( )

... honest to God, I believe I saw a giant craft, floating slowly
over my view area, in the extremely turbulent weather yesterday morning

... there were very high stationary white scattered clouds, like
50000 feet?, but underneath, at about 10000 feet, the wind was
blowing low turbulent heavy clouds in a southerly direction, with
occaisional pockets, so there was a scattered visual effect of
low fast highly colored clouds and the high stationary clouds...

... I was inside after my bike ride, yet felt this intense desire
to be outside, as the wind blowing felt like euphoria
I went out back and just stared straight up, mesmerized by the intensely pleasant cold, and the cloud show above

... it was as if the craft was using cloud backgrounds as camoflauge
... I first said to myself, this is some sort of optical illusion,
but then I got filled with this most wonderful cool (as in pleasurable cold)
feeling, then as it passed, it showed its logo
... without a graphic, I can best describe it this way,
.... on the underside of the craftcloud, a raised embossed-looking logo
that was a circle, within which was a twin bladed impellor,
rotated 45 degrees clockwise a curvy inverted swastika rotated 45 degrees clockwise,
differing from the swastika, in that the impellors had a trailing
tails, so as to move more aerodynamically or energy efficient in the clockwise direction,
as opposed to the swastika's biting forward clockwise motion
(some intelligent person may remember the Dosteyevsky book the Idiot, and
his take on the symbol)
... I take it to be an artistic way to convey
that their power source travels forward into the future,
as opposed to the more difficult travelling to the past, ... but what does a dumbf*ck like me know ? :-)

... not intending to offend the Jewish people, the swastika is a very
powerful Jungian symbol from way back before even the great sanskrit
civilizations, and f*ckin Hitler had to go ruin its true meaning, which
has fascinated soul-seekers for many years

.... it goes way farther back in time....way way farther back.... to
the original whatevers for this planet........
... you can tell its advanced by the artistry of the logo, where the
.... impellors are rotated (indicating dynamic motion)
.... impellors are aerodynamically smooth for maximum energy efficiency
in the forward (clockwise when viewed from my a turbine
.... all contained by a circle,
meaning they are controlled by the all-emcompassing oneness, they serve God's will

... very interesting WINDY weather yesterday
..... an extremely odd event sequence happened...
... a girl driving a red compact, sort of cut me off with a left turn, as
I was riding my bike... she kind of did it in a safe but menacing manor...
so I started to get pissed ... she could have run over a kid or something

... later that day, at the exact same street and corner, a similar looking
man did exactly the same thing, in a red compact too,
only this time very politely and safely,
even had his turn signal on... were the 2 trying to signal me
to turn left... for something down the left road?... I turned right...
... always escape and evade... :-)

... then when I turned on the news, a red car, a Mercedes, goes
out of control, jumps the curb, and smashes into some brick

.... its red, its the wind ... the insanity if you can't handle it
... sirens going off all day long.... engines revving up wildly in the
distance.... reports of death and accidents all over the tv.....

.... I guess the average human can't handle it when the cloudcraft come....

... over and out...

P.S. ... oh yeah, my old symbol, which surfaced out of my subconcious mind,
in high school was a circle encompassing a five-pointed know, the
star you can draw with one continuous motion,
without lifting your pen off of the paper
... I don't know what that means ... as I nevered asked the great Master...
but the 5-pointed star has a human shape... stable, but somewhat imbalaced.. :-)


2009 by zentara