the great bear lake

... been getting a bit depressed lately with life.. :-(
... seems like alot of accidents are happening in the locality, they seem to come in phases

I always remember what Einstein said:
"depression is the wellspring of inspiration".... if you
know what that means... you understand what hope is.

... I heard on the FM radio show about
the wonderful glow of Great Bear Lake when it is iced over...
... a glow from the stars or something very magical
... talk was of how insignificant it was,to be out walking
on it.... you could disappear and no one would know except for the
fish that would eat you...

... sounds like a good place to commit suicide... I toyed with the
idea of bridges, jumping in front of a bus, pills, nitrogen tents,..
bomb, etc..... all seemed so messy... although the bright white
instantaneous death of a giant bomb seems so painless... but you
leave the bad karma of people cleaning up the mess

... to disappear into the ice is so clean and natural
.... you just walk out onto the eeriely blue unearthly radiance of the ice,
... and if you fall thru, you instantly are cold shocked into
a dream state and then drown painlessly, all cleaned up by nibbling fish

... maybe a great place for an end_of_the_line buddhist monastery....
...leave all your possesions on the altar, and walk out onto the God's glowing ice.. :-)

... the really indigenous eskimos used to leave their soon-to-die elders
out on the ice, buried alive under rocks,
and the children would visit them and talk to them
under the rocks, till one day they are quiet.... I read about it
... now we do a similar thing... its called nursing homes
... I love the north....the ice goddess lives there

... eh, but being from the states, I probably couldn't get across the border with the purpose of committing suicide on Great Bear Lake ... :-)
... but maybe an ice fishing trip....

P.S. .... maybe the eerrie cosmic glow of the
ice is due to the ufo base underneath?


2009 by zentara