revisiting a crucial point in the Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth

... as we start to "peak" into the depths of the 11 dimensional material universe
... we might start asking ourselves... "what do we know philosopher? Do we even know overselves?"

.... could it be that say dimension_0 or dimension_1 is actually part of some eternal
structure of the cosmos, so that truly a tiny fraction of our material self
is indeed a thread of God?

... then the question becomes: "what exactly is this thing we call the experience of reality"?
... are we making up these thoughts in our heads, or are our thoughts
just a reception from the big broadcaster in the sky?

... should we pursue making union with that primal dimension in our deep subconcious mind?
... or are we supposed to stay on the surface of conciousness, and just be polite

...back to the point:

.... it seems that the concept brought up by Buckminster Fuller, of anti-entropy,
... is as important to thought space as is the Second Law of Thermodynamics to material physics,

....the 2ond law of thermo states in plain language,
.... everything tends to run down....go from higher energy to lower energy, go from hot to cold,
loss of some defined order, naturally go to a more chaotic state,
goes from containing much information to a state of containing less information
....with the passage of time... sort of a time rot
....that affects us all.... the benign langoliers of time

... so why isn't the universe a run down piece of disorganized fubar?

... IIRC, Fuller said if the universe has balance, then there must be some sort of
explanation as to why we are sitting here contemplating this eternal question :-)

... his explanation, (which as a scientifically trained seeker of God, I found appealing)
is that there is a force which works against the degrading entropy which affects us all
... it is an anti-entropic force...the life force, it somehow creates order out of disorder

...conciousness seeks form, but it works thru long periods of time, as if in
a great cosmic dream

... so as the general tendency of the heat engine we call the material universe
degrades, some opposite effect is occurring where atoms are being pulled
into DNA code strands, into increasing order,
and life( perpetual DNA links ) are emerging out of the chaos....
Fuller called it anti-entropic... and speculates it is the life force itself that life?.... as Vonnegut said
'look at all the other mud that never got a chance to pull itself together, sit up and take a look around'

... is the life force an actual energy, or field shape, which causes the random chaotic
ocean of strings to align and form patterns

... in a very egalatarian train: ... I guess its a field setup in a dimension where our thoughts manifest into space-time
... where the fields are the summation of all the emanations of all capable humans
... we reap what we sow.... what we think becomes reality

... in an undemocratic vein, some master magician, like some ancient King ,
controls all time flowing from the apex of his thought cone :-(

.... is it the primal conciousness sending modulated signals right thru every
subnuclear particle in our bodies? .... is that what we seek to connect to?
... or is that the leash that God uses to control each of us..... to keep us in check?
...we somehow, thru eons of time, have taken the primal modulation, and spread it
into the other 10 ( at current count ).... and now control this venue in the space-time
event sequences

... living a simple life teaches a great lesson:
like magic, our desires get manifest thru time if you are observant and worthy
but the way they manifest is often unexpected, so it takes almost
full time thinking about it all.... :-) I'm addicted to thought... help

call Thoughts Anonymous
for help with thoughts


2009 by zentara