a vision of the future or a great sci-fi movie

... the not too distant future

... my job is to patrol around the moon, and prevent anyone
from landing, and getting access to all the atomic waste
stored there

... yes, we finally had to go nuke for electric power... the population
was too big, and with the weather changes, only the nations with massive
amounts of power could survive, as anything more than tent camps of refugees

... with all that power, we could desalinate water and make hydrogen
on a massive scale ... people could stay and prosper on the warm ocean shores

...not sure if you can call it an ice age, but it
was the need to keep the mass amounts of population in warm weather
areas, cool and watered .... and the hardy souls
in those new winter deserts needed to keep warm, watch movies on internet connected
entertainment systems, and keep indoor pools running...

... the waste? everyone got over the queezy feeling about safe
tankers transporting the waste after the massive blackout after
the BIG quake of 89, everyone was wanting power... and the
decision was made, to put the waste on the moon

... sure it was expensive... but with all the electric power
available, it made everyone feel good to know the waste was
off of the earth, it was a new economy.... nuclear plant
workers became like Homer Simpson, non-unionized
.... working for room and board essentially
... so is everyone else... essentially the only difference
between "educated work" and "manual work"... was the educated
work was somewhat easier and more pleasant, while the manual
work, was a democratic route opened to all people... and it gets
you an extra 5000 calories per week on your food allowance...

... you were given a choice when graduating school... go the garbage man route,
or go the technical-person route.... no matter which route you took,
you still only needed to put in 10 years work to semi-retire
... there really isn't enough work to go around anyways with all
the automation... so everyone gets 10 good years of work when
they are young.... then are semi-retired to pursue whatever they
want... there is no way for anyone to get much wealthier than the rest
of the population.... as a matter of fact... a bizarre status shift
occurred where people began to realize their possesions were a great
weight, so it was common for people to give away things, to get
away from the karmic weight of carrying it all....

... then there is the industrial draft ... they still call
it the VoW... Volunteers Of the World :-) ... after you got out
of high school or college, you only needed to work for 10 years
as a low paid volunteer, then you semi-retire to anything you
want...play music...help the Volunteer Fire dept., etc
... you get a little prefab dome if you can't provide better
housing for yourself... and the bio-engineered tank food is free...
... I like the nutritional yeast.... it reminds me of the
old natural ways...
... if you want to have fun... just hang out in a dome town... :-)

... its going to get relatively cheap soon anyways, if they ever
get that space elevator legally cleared... I guess its the liabilty
problem that will occur if the elevator cable breaks.... a crushing
whip will start rushing around the world's equator, instantly vaporizing
all in its path, at 25000 miles per hour... a screaming whip of
destruction .... reminds me of the old Tower of Babel
... I like the idea of making the entire equatorial region a World Park,
so people don't live in the cable-failure route....
.... most of it is now under water anyways

... sh*t, if they could only get the anti-gravity going.... I guess
it makes everyone near it pass out of reality . . . , tough bug :-)

... so hour after boring f*cking hour, day after boring f*cking day,
I patrol, watching for them.... those as*holes who build their own
flight ships, and make unauthorized deep space excursions....


2009 by zentara