the IQ of God

... what do we mean when we measure this so called IQ ?
... the intelligence quotient
... a quotient?... a quotient is something compared to something else
..Compared To What :-) ( great song of the times )

... is it 0 intelligence we measure against?,
or is it against the 1,
the oneness of all intelligence

..or possibly some artificial human standard we have
adopted to make great cities and militaries?

... i mean it's pretty obvious to me, that someONE or some
higher intelligence than us, is present and watching... and it
goes beyond what video and audio bugs can do....
.... it involves the singing and squawking of the birds,
the casual passing of a cloud's shadow.... the shape of a bug splat
on the windshield... the odd way
certain things just seem to synchronistically mesh up
in the event sequences, to form patterns that act as
road signs.....

... there is a fine line, between the psychological control
the modern media puts on us with tv shows, and other media to
"show" us how to handle taboo situations.... and what the
reality of the world is.

.... it is good sometimes to go camping away from all media
for at least 3 months.... you won't believe how much tv
seems like pure bullshit when you come back in from a camp...

... I am a karmic casualty of that Cold War, sitting here
licking my wounds gained in the big battle we call life

... who might they be, those that watch us?
.... angels, goddesses, giant space fish waiting to gooble us up for dinner?

... I don't know for sure but I pray to
God everyday to be protected from it. :-)


2009 by zentara