persia.... is that babylon, or was that the other guy?

... yes, xerces and alexander the great greek,
   fighting like rival football teams, beating up on
   the sadistically cruel 300 spartans

... the great intellectual reasoning of the persian empire
  .... they gave us 0 .... the concept of a number representing nothing, what genius

... the great caravan serais on the endless camelback trade routes

... great stone cities... not many stories of people uprising
   against the king... they must have been treatly justly and wisely

... maybe your new high-speed enrichment facilities will save the
  world... by providing the great amount of fuel needed for the
  many coming nuclear power plants... God knows that the legal
  stagnation in the West, is preventing us from being prepared

... may Allah guide you wisely... please don't build bombs,
... become the starting point for a great electrified civilization,
  instead of a chapter in the history books
... the thought evokes an image of the movie mob boss giving a gun, to the
guy he is about knock off, so he can claim the victim was armed.

... the world has no real choice, except to trust you, at your word
... your word, given as a nobel oath to Allah,
   is as powerful as fire raining from the sky


2009 by zentara