welcome to MADness

... heard the stuff on the news about making Iran show
it's peaceful purposes in it's uranium enrichment plants

... wow... reminds me of schoolboy history lessons

... what really is the problem?... as of now, they must
know that they are entering the SAD club.....
Singularly Assured Destruction
as opposed to MAD,
Mutually Assured Destruction

MAD is for the big powers....
SAD is for you.....the little country, area wise
...if you do develop a bomb,
and it is used anywhere in the world to destroy a part
of civilization, then you can probably count on your
entire country being blown into oblivian....

... one of your bombs may take out a city.... but
we have many cities.... you on the other hand only
have a few of importance... so we won't be destroyed,
but you will... we will be cut, but alive

... we can trace the exact fuel fingerprint from a bomb, and
know where it was made... so even if it gets stolen....
you are held accountable

... old testament justice will likely be used,
so know what the fuck you are doing!

... in the end, any bomb usage will just result in many
tears shed, and pissing off of the big guy in the sky....

... to speak in your favor, building nuclear power plants is probably a
good thing to be doing.... this hydrocarbon fueled global
frenzy is causing great imbalance in the atmosphere, and
quite likely something like an ice age will ensue, .... it will
come upon us very quickly... and only those prepared will be able
to carry on

.... nations with well established nukes ( and gag, yes even breeders )
may well be the only ones to survive with any appreciable technology

... things may be under ice, or too cold to grow outdoors.... but
plentiful electricity may be able to power the food generation
for a small city ( maybe 10,000 ?)

.... so you take the power of the atom, and you are now responsible
.... its like a 10 ton weight suspended above you, and you hope it all
goes well...

..... so its SAD... I hope its worth the little feeling of power gained
... that your country can commit suicide with just one mistake
.... believe Allah does NOT want you to make that mistake

... at the same time, I can't understand much of the anti-Iran rhetoric
about enrichment.... Iran represents an old civilization, and as far
as I recall, was never at odds with the US, except over oil politics...

... but I havn't been to school in awhile...


2009 by zentara