the modern sexual guilt trip

... I am compelled to write something about the modern sexual
guilt trip everyone seems to be on.... the Phillips and her father
debacle, the governor and mistress, all the other political
scandals, like Lewinski....adultery statistics...etc

... first of all, I was raised Roman Catholic, and was taught by
good nuns and brothers, ... and was given a good sexual guilt trip

...but now I realize the crazy sexual guilt trip they put into everyone's head control us with .... passionate emotions....including my own... a crock of crap

... I'm not sure how all this got started ... back in the tribal days,
(and essentially humans are all tribal creatures), most any healthy
baby was welcomed into the tribe... as the death rate was high, and longevity
was low

... it was important for men and women to be constantly producing offspring

... that is where our lusty desires come in.... if you were a normal
person and were asked to kiss another person, of the same sex, the first thought would
be GERMS.... no fuckin way is that person touching me....
... but if for some reason, if its the opposite sex, more specifically, a beautiful
wonderfully smelling person of the opposite sex
....then its germs be damned.... I'm going in Scotty
... but in reality, that person has as many germs and risks as another
... yet you overlook it... because the face is so pretty, or the smell divine

... I know men are this way ... from first hand observation.. :-)
... woman have similar lusty desires which they hide from the world,
(I know this only from hearing they think just like men) :-)
... just go to a Chippendale's show and see for yourself....

... so for some reason, the Great Designer, built into us the bizarre desire
to get down and dirty with the opposite sex, for the purpose of
keeping the babies coming.... don't feel guilty for this....
it is supposed to be a great source of pleasure

... so the question now becomes.... why do you feel so fuckin guilty
about sex, extramarital affairs, etc. etc.

... I will admit, that these activities can cause great grief and
misery... but it is really only connected to the guilt trip placed
deep into our minds by the mind controllers....

... imagine a world 5000 years B.C., where people had 1rst, 2ond, and 3rd spouses,
all amiable friends.... if one of your spouses couldn't satisfy your inner needs,
then you arrange to get one.... no guilt.... you just separate when the thrill is gone
... its the Kama Sutra lifestyle.... and God tells me it is good ....

... somehow, when the early human tribes broke down, due to growing too populace,
society wanted the parentage of all babies legally defined.... so the
parents could be charged only with the burdens of raising their own...

... in this very overcrowded world now, there are only 2 factors God says
are important.... keep disease and unwanted babies out of the equation...
but otherwise there is no stigma.... you have free and learn

... the point I'm trying to make, is that if your religion is making
you feel guilty, about something you shouldn't be guilty over, then get
another religion
.... some people love being on the guilt trip... however,
the problem comes in when they try to legislate their guilt trip onto others
.... so separation of state and guilt trips is essential

... we will all learn to laugh at our lusty desires.... no need to
crucify people over it

.... whenever I write stuff like this, I inevitably get the "he thinks he's jesus"
stuff.... well no actually, my problem is not that I think I'm jesus, ..
... its I think YOU are Jesus, and I'm worried YOU are hanging yourselves
on the proverbial cross, over some guilt trip coming out of the religions
of the mid-east.... remember, other religions don't have the guilt trip

.... I also bow in apology, to those that put years building a trustful
relationship with a spouse, only to have it crushed, as some secret infidelity occurred,
leaving a giant black hole in your thought space.... as the "one who was always there"
is suddenly gone.... and even worse now hates you....
... that stuff always happens, not related to sex, and is a symptom of people thinking
they can find happiness in another.... happiness is within yourself

... you will not find your happiness within me....its within you...
I am just shining a light on it, for you to see for yourself

.... take a deep breath, and realize you are under mental delusions

.... I surprised my english lit teacher once, when writing a paper
on the book Madam Bovary
.... the conventional response was expected to be:
"she's a slut, bad girl, and destined for hell according to christian values"

... but I wrote "she had a psychological disease"... and that, for some reason,
prevented her from being content and in love with the country family doctor;
instead seeking out parties and orgiastic sex with other big city men

... but now, I almost feel sorry for her.... deluded into thinking that
there was some "great party out there", which she was missing out on....
...the fast lane...when in reality, the true pleasure was gardening,
sleeping, eating, and fuckin her husband
... she had heaven in her backyard, and ran away from it
.... she probably gave Mozart VD ;-(

... when things go really bizarre, like with Phillips and her father,
I can only look to nature as a guide.... adult male bears will kill and eat their
own young..... so lucky for her all she got was her pants pulled down..
... the aggressive male nature is as mysterious as the female hidden nature

... in cow pastures, I have frequently seen 5 young bulls, pin down a young cow,
and take turns at her...
... I've frequently seen cows humping other cows, because they had no bulls around
... they don't tell you about that at the State Fair, now, do they?

... whatever he saw in you ... maybe recapturing a young version of his wife, your mother, least in true Mammas and Papas style, he made love not war. :-)
... he could have tried to destroy you, instead of partying with you....

... when you party with the big dogs, its kind of assumed you know how to handle
yourself.... and know when your pants are being pulled down.....otherwise you should
stay at home with your mother .... or learn to kick and scream.

.... basically, she is the victim of an assault... but an assault that
was driven by an programmed-in overriding desire for sex, and complete lack of self control
.... is she free of those desires herself?
.... has she ever lusted

... anyways, I hate to see a guilt uproar flare up, which only serves to continue the deeply rooted guilt trip we are all on,

... enough of how to attain a guilt free morality


P.S. I suppose I they will want to ex-communicate me for this.... but
its OK, I don't believe in their guilt trip bullshit anymore anyways...


2009 by zentara