my princess leiah

... winter camping brings up my memory of leiah,
the half native half white teenage daughter of a well built
pipeline worker and a native woman up in northern alaska....

....he was going off to work, and asked me to watch out for
his family, like clean the chimney pipe for them, emergency repairs, etc.

... leiah( probably 13?) at first thought I was nuts living in a tipi, but when she
saw the ingenuity this white man had, while cleaning her mother's
stovepipe, she kind of liked me, and we gravitated toward each other
constantly whenever possible in the tiny town

... she was cute too, thin muscular, tall, wiry, with a smile always ready

... I remember once while jogging around the airfield to keep warm, (about -30 degress farenheit)
she and her girlfriend surprised me as I jogged by this mound of dirt with
shrubs growing on it.... a little door opened in the dirt, and it was
a little dirt mound cave....all warm and pink and cozy inside, and
they were just wearing t-shirts and shorts...playing music,
..... there are great ways of living warm in the cold north
.... first way is the dirt mound cave....
....I'm feeling like a gopher today :-)
.... they both smiled and invited me in, but I declined... I wish I
had went in now....:-)

... one time when I moved my tipi camp to the gravel bar on the river,
she had her friend boat her down the river, and she came into my tipi,
all by herself, and sat on a bed I made .... a scrub wood box held together
with rope, filled with gravel, with a foam mat on top....

... the last time I saw leiah, was as bizarre a synchronistic attraction
as is possible.... I was on the Alaskan Ferry heading back south to the
lower 48, and as I walked out of a port hole door, and innocently turned toward the sea,
leiah just full frontal bumped into me, like she was preoccupied and didn't see me.
... I remember so clearly my shock at being face to face with her,
1000 miles from home...thaaaat I uttered "Leiah!" and some slobber
spit onto her face.... thats how close she was... she uttered "tipi joe !"....
(my knickname)

.... I said " oh so sorry leiah, I accidently spit in your face" and
she replied "no problem" and said she was on a school trip with her
remote high school

... I said have fun with your life, and never saw her again.....
... for some reason she has become my archtypal indian princess

... wherever you are leiah, may you be lucky and have peace and happiness ... :-)

living in dirt mound caves and tents... especially in the north,
can be quite nice, with someone who knows how to do it right....


2009 by zentara