...winter camping yoga

... I retain the right to dream.... and I pass that on thru
my epigenome, to any offspring that I have might have from here
on out.... interesting NOVA show, your environmental variables can alter
your genes, turning signals on and off, and this can be passed
on thru sex. ... something to do with starvation and effects felt
years later in offspring, not by mutation, but by signal flags being
set somewhere in the code database
... all the Infinte Designer's way of auto-adapting the creations...

.... my thought is why not learn to send those signals to your own genes,
thru thought and mastery over your own body... if it is even possible to attain
such a state of complete control without first self destructing.. :-(

... anyways, back to winter camping... it can be considered a yogic path to just
live outside all year in a tent, or some other basic, minimally heated shelter.
... yoga is anything that you can pursue to perfection.... and so can winter

.... my vision of a zen monastic order, is one where simple outside
living, thru the winter ( and all seasons) is the challenge to perfect...
... if you don't feel well, just stay in your sleeping bag

.... you sleep alot... and dream alot.... you might like it... sort of hunkering
down into a deep hibernative sleep, where you enter the dream world for prolonged

.... I wonder if there is a bit of bear in all of us, who just want to
hibernate all winter.... I mean Winter is rough, and you should be
in a tent or snowcave for heaven's sake

P.S. ... winter camping brings on strange dreams down that crazy river ;-)


2009 by zentara