your TPS... Thoughts per Second

... how fast is your central thought processing unit ?

... what can you do to increase your thoughts per second (overlclock ? :-) ),
... is it desirable to increase your TPS ?

... C Jam Blues just came on, what a coincidence, Oscar Peterson, Night Train

... is increased thoughts per second desirable?.... like the
explosion of thought and feeling that comes from C Jam Blues?
... or can it trip you over the edge keeping you up all night?

... I find increased tps desirable.... because I expect goodness
peace and happiness to come my way....

... I can see others in more hellish circumstances though, where
increased tps is torture... and they want tranquilization by some means,
to alleviate their mental anquish
... hey I want it too.... life is quite a bit of anquish for everyone.. :-)
.... I heard it said that Buddha says its all suffering.... but I take
somewhat of a more existential approach.... the suffering is better than
the alternative....:-)

.... can you even measure your tps ?.... do the fancy medical
instruments properly show how your mind is functioning when in thought or dreams?
... no...
our instruments cannot measure the soul .... since the soul is immortal,
it would have infinite energy ( or infinite something because of infinite time axis :-) ),
so it can't be included in our physical models of reality

...we can only infer the soul's existence from our live experience.

... can you imagine all light waves are modulated somehow, to transfer
information on a perfect spread-spectrum system.... each color frequency can be
time modulated to pass information on
... God is doing the same thing down at the string level... and we think it
... the secret to accessing God's magic, is to not be afraid of God....
... if you got bad karma, then you don't want to be touched by God's
energy, because it will contain a lesson for you, about God's reality
... if you don't want God's energy, then it can't flow thru you
and you are left without that magic

... so face up to your karmic debt as soon as possible, and make peace with God
... then your magic can start, if you still desire it
.... remember, quite probably, it is all suffering ... but if you can deal with the pain, and still want it,
then you have a free will .....


2009 by zentara