bicycle riding as yoga

... just being in motion.... almost effortless motion.... like
in a slow moving vehicle.... mule cart... baby carriage... or

.... something about feeling the reality of time passing is fascinating
to us... we seek out it's source... but we can't fathom it because
the timeless world, in which it exists, is beyond our comprehension

... it is the source of all myth and magic... the passage of time
... we just stand in awe of it.....

... yoga is just a way of learning about reality, so almost any
activity, that can be pursued to perfection, can be a yogic path....
including riding a bicycle, in the pursuit of the perfect karmic ride

... you become mesmerized by the constant changing scene, yet at the
same time increasingly aware of your tactical situation....

... it increases your brain's awareness level by making it run
at higher cycles per second in thought space.... sure the brain
electrically runs at 8 to 13 cycles per second, but what of our
"thought rate"? .... engaging in motion producing activity, causes
more thought activity... which to me, is praying to God to make it
another minute... :-)

... I almost feel like I'm in a cosmic craft, out of ammo and
rockets, dodging space disasters, heading for home under battery power,
so "slow it down scotty... we need the batteries to last" :-)

... also, what challenges will the great master throw at me while
I'm pedaling along, on my meditative adventure, thru rat-race-ville....

... I find that what I encounter each day, is a direct reflection of my
inner soul.... pretty much peaceful so far..... many chances at death,
yet very controllable.....
... jumping gaps in concrete drive ways can really be a jolt, when
you least expect it, so keep a tight grip at all times, when altering course

... as the scenery tails away behind me, I wonder... is this
the perfect karmic ride ? ... a reflection of my soul externalized
in the event sequences occuring during my ride....
.... thats how the great teacher works..... you never see him,
but he is there, making sure you perfect your karma, and finding you
the perfect yogic path to allow you to manifest your karma

... so as the scenery trails further behind, I wonder how far the neutrino
trail emitted by me, has gone... made it to the moon by now?.... at 99.99%
speed of light it dosn't take long

.... if a higher dimensional creature is watching me, I must look like
an ant.... plodding along faithfully on some hidden karmic gridwork trail, trying
to figure out why I can't comprehend who is guiding me.. ?

Warning: the above mentioned technique will fail miserably if you have
bad karma going at the time.... the first step to better karma is
to avoid meat... don't take the karma of the slaughter into you,
other food is better for you anyways .... baked beans... corn bread,
fish( I heard a cool new word today.... pescatarian... from Harvey the TMZ guy )
.... I eat alot of sardines... mostly because they are cheap, easy to
store, and pack a good deal of natural nutrients...

But of course, there are those who should eat meat... because they handle
the karma, by being spirit brothers with the animals... but that is a long
complicated story

... the idea is, you have been deal with the karma of it all


2009 by zentara