i c u 2

... a real poem for a change....
... i've made my descision on the betty vs. veronica dilemma
... i select the one who really wants me, the dark haired girl
... blonds are aloof, and seem to want me to chase them
... the dark haired girl looks at me, like she longs to be near me
... i feel likewise, and want to pull her close for a kama sutra hug
... even as I gazed upon you from a great distance,
the neutrinos made eye contact between us, I saw the gleam in your eyes
... and you must have seen mine... otherwise you wouldn't be reading this crap

... life is more interesting when you imagine, because what could be,
is the first step toward making it be...

P.S. my pickup line?
"Looking for someone to shack up with for the long cold winter?"
... from a poor sheep farmer


2009 by zentara