should health care be made a public utility

... in our US history, when a service delivered to the public, was
deemed so vital to our functioning and security, that it needed
public oversight, it was made a public utility

... things such as water works, natural gas delivery, sewer systems,
telephone (in the old Ma Bell days when it was the only communication out )
were public utilities and their rates and service quality was inspected by
public inspectors.....

.... you might say... yes, the public utility legal status was developed to protect
the crucial physical infrastructure of the civilization, not health care

... you mean to tell me that the collective human body of the US, is not
a part of the crucial infrastructure of the country?.... and that is just
the military analysis... what about what God thinks about it all....
... not to mention the responsibility that a civilization needs to maintain,
to make people feel that they have a safe diet, and otherwise looked
out for.... it builds national unity

.... I remember reading an old military assertion, that to destroy a nation,
first make the people suspicious of their food
.... well its happening.... bacteria scares everywhere, most everyone on pills
of one sort or another to combat the diseases caused by too much salt, fat and sugar,
and now the doctors saying they won't help the people who ate at fast
food restaurants all their lifes... the defacto public lunch rooms

... the karma of letting someone die, which is especially intractable
when the cause of death is some cause/effect coincidence due to some
publicly externalized cost.... like tailpipe or smoke stack emmissions,
or any form of pollution

... generally the karma is pretty clear.... too much smoking, drinking,
eating, etc. or risky behavior like like sky diving, car racing, etc.

.... I've been seeing on the news where a team of medical practioners,
were setting up big circus tents holding 100's of examination areas, and
giving free medical/dental care to people in poor areas

.... why do we even need a health care bill? .... let the private
plans deal with their own costs, and let the government spend money
setting up many more of these travelling MASH units, to serve the poor
..... google for "doctors without walls" for people
starting to setup this common sense solution

.... the thing is that the private medical plans want to force everyone
into buying their plans, while not having any public oversight over their

.... there could even be regional MASH units permanently setup, where
people from the 500 mile region, could hop a bus, and get to where
they could get the more extensive treatment when and if, their number
in line comes up..

.... and people have to become more realistic about their lives,
their mortality, and the risks they take.... society is not
responsible for your idiotic choices of lifestyle and food...
.... so even though a rich man can afford some advanced treatment
for his ailment, dosn't mean you or I will get it. :-)

... for instance liposuction should not be covered, unless it is
the rare case where it is to avoid a life threatening complication
... in that vein... don't always trust that doctors have your best
interest at heart.... they are out to make money
.... take liposuction, as example ... it is bad for you because your
fat contains some stem cells, and if you naturally lose the fat, the stem
cells are released back into you, to heal whatever
... as a matter of fact, I believe I saw a documentary that showed medical
teams extracting stem cells from liposuction derived fat (gross ;-( )

... these thought drain me.....

P.S. ... what about refitting old mothballed aircraft carriers into floating
MASH type hospitals? .... they could be towed up rivers and service large numbers
of people on a rotating basis
.... they would also prove extremely useful in case of massive disaster, where
immediate mobile hospital facilities are needed

... also don't think tents are a filthy place for medical care....
.... they can be emptied on a regular basis, and the interiors hit
with intense UV lighting to sterilize them
... brick and mortar hospitals have years of germs on their interior
walls and surfaces....


2009 by zentara