are we heading for a new form of slavery with health care?

... I must throw this onto the table...

... are we setting up a new type of slave system, with the way the US
manages health care?

... I mean, only people who can afford health care will be able
to get jobs... so essentially the health care corporations
(who are in bed with all corporate america, and who knows what else
on a more sinister geo-political level)
will control what kind of job you can get ( by controlling what they
will insure for an individual due to medical evaluation )

... heard often as a cop out ... "the condition is genetic"

... WHAT? God made me defective?.... or could it be the
diet and lifestyle thrust upon us, by the modern overcrowded
rat race, has led to a general deterioration of the health of the
public.... and now the corporations that rammed this way of life
down our throats, won't take care of all the casualties...
... people who have diabetes from too much sugar, or fat from
too much ice cream ( me :-) ), people with bad hips and knees
from years of meat eating and car riding ( read George Oshawa )

... now how could this be used as a new form of enslavement?
... easy... claim maladies are genetic, then offer people a very
expensive treatment which they can get, if they agree to work
for x number of years....

... eventually most all cancers will be blameable on your genes not
handling some environmental factor.... jees... if only you lived
where they ate a mediterranean diet, will be the cop out ;-(
... you shouldn't have ate so much meat, etc.
... sueing the ice cream maker for not having warning labels on the product :-)

... ( a really paranoid movie )
...they can even give people( political dissidents and lazy people) diseases and
then offer cures for cooperation

.... eventually, the entire world population could come under
the control of the disease managers...
... and you will have a custom daily pill delivered right to your door,
to ensure your health and happiness ... ;-(

... just one more reason that I will let myself die from whatever ails me
.... if I can't cure myself, with diet and lifestyle changes, and need
some corporation's permission to live another day, then I would rather die

... however, if you find me laying in a heap on the street, unconcious...
please stitch me up and set my broken bones .... and don't expect me to
pay for it


2009 by zentara