Escape and Evade ... the first rule

.... unless driven by some overpowering internal desire to strike first,
always escape and evade.... back away from confrontation....
.... avoiding conflict is the preferred choice of action in a
civilization.... we don't want to degenerate spiritually, into
a bunch of rats fighting over a small piece of cheese

... confrontations result in a loss many many times... people get hurt, bad karma accrues, etc.

... so take care, and avoid monsters and areas where you see monster
footprints... like Love Canal :-(

... so now the question becomes....
How do you escape and evade the monsters that plaque us?
... the cancer monster... the terrorist monster.... the
giant space asteroid heading for earth monster... the supervolcano monster

... I don't worry too much about them, but to be honest, we all have to
die eventually, and its more likely I'll die from a bang on the head
incurred while falling off my bike... no gain as they say

... techniques for escape and evasion
... when you run from the monster, if it lets you go, start running
away... sometimes the monsters want to play with you as you run for
your life... :-( ... ( thats the human experience )

.... if you are lucky and have some unexpected moves, you may escape
that biting crush that comes after the paw slap

... when entering an area, the first thing to do is locate and assess
the likelyhood of you getting to, all of the routes in and out of your
current position.... those are your routes, and have them in your mind
so you see them with your eyes closed

... it gets particularly dangerous when evading 2 or more monsters, where
they work in tandem, to drive you to choose an escape route, where another
monster is waiting to pounce
... in these cases it is sometimes best to ask to speak with God and close your eyes

... this is where familiarity with the territory and practice running your routes
comes into play....if you are more familiar with the routes and wind direction, than
the dumb monster, then you can move quicker because you can see it better

.... always have one good blow ready to thrust into the monster just before
it incapacitates you... it will irritate the monster and keep its thoughts
on you for much time while it heals.... that gives you entrance to its mind,
for you to take control

... OK, good luck to all you baby turtles....

P.S. I learned this stuff while evading vehicles chasing me thru neighborhood side streets .... :-)
... maybe there is a mathematical model for analyzing this type of dynamic

P.S.2 practice ducking alot :-)


2009 by zentara