space monsters do exist

... today is a scary day... suddenly cool...

... the space monsters do exist, and essentially are the daemons( aka monsters )
in our minds and collective subconcious stream, which attack us,
in our thought space...... which we must fight off (a great waste of mental energy )
... they exist in our "space" (our space time stream), so
like it or not they are "space monsters"

... they also worry us needlessly.... or is it needless?

.... should we worry?.... about some figment of our imaginations?
... should we worry that a coyote is going to run off with
the dog or cat; or the "if the dingo took my baby" :-(

... is fidelity monster lurking, or am I gonna get eaten by the cancer monster?

.... and does "pre-emptive worrying" stave off the monster from
attacking... maybe if you worry more, more psychic protection
may preceed you in space-time?

... these are the lessons we learn as we face the monsters

... remember psychic judo ... do not be afraid of the monsters,
if they eat you, then you are inside of them and can take control
of them... and you can turn them into good little monsters, who
cooperate pleasantly with the rest of your mind's thoughts.

(WARNING: Do not try this at home.
If eaten, any failure on your part to gain control of the monster,
results in you being monster-poo :-)

... BTW, real outer space monsters( in the Japanese movie sense)
do exist out there in 11 dimensional space
... its like an ocean out there.. and many creatures exist as
a cohesion of patterns in the strings

... but its a huge ocean, and the odds of them finding us is nil :-)

yours truly,
Space Commander Zentara ( I command the space I'm in :-) )


2009 by zentara