a challenge to the standard distribution curve

... just about the time I dropped out of the University of Hawaii
and ran off to Alaska, on a derelict old sailboat ( with good karma ),
I had advanced to a certain degree in my understanding of mathematics,
and reached the point of seeing the infinite possibilities of matrices,
whose matrix elements are themselves a matrix, or at least a non-linear
differential equation of one sort or another. Additionally, I got
my feet exposed to the black hole called Statistics.

... my statistics teacher, an ameri-asian female, IIRC, was pretty good.
She got the basic principles across, and anyone who really wants to
learn the dry, drab stuff, can do it.... even an 8th grader. :-)

... but I had one nagging question, which I asked the teacher, and she
couldn't answer it.

...I said this is all cool stuff, but I do notice that
the whole ball of wax is predicated on the validity of the
Standard Distribution Curve... you present it to us, as fact, that the curve is
some sort of apriori truth... but I don't see it as obvious.

... she sort of blushed and said that she was sorry she wasn't advanced
enough to prove it's validity off the cuff, but said that some very
smart mathematicians have done it, and it is predicated on something
called the Central Limit Theorem.

... I've been thinking about it for years, and the closest explanation
shown to me by my mystical master ( the TV :-) ), was on a PBS show explaining that the
idea got started in some midievil carnival where townspeople were asked
to place a bet, and guess a cow's weight. The mathematicians watching
it, noticed that if you average all the entries, you come close to the true
value, and the larger the number of guesses, the closer to the true value
the average will be. ....and this is all on average... IIRC :-)

.... so a common sense Central Limit Theorem would be:
"on average, the average will tend toward the true mean" ?

... anyways.... maybe I need more school, but it seems that this is
all predicated on fact that the measured value ( whatever it is ), is
taken from a totally non-skewed experiment.... which I find impossible
to find nowadays..... most scientists contemplate the possibility
that their wishes and desires may alter the outcome of their experiments...
like magic...

.... yeah now I remember.... I realized it was all magic, and dropped
out and split for Alaska.... yes sir ..... its all magic


2009 by zentara