happy birthday Megan

.... this is way to much for me to text, so here is an html page :-)

... happy birthday... you may know this already, but the adults have been lying
to you... they are not happy birthdays... they mean you are a year older, and
closer to the slavery of the modern rat race... and the inevitable
end of your existence on earth... so enjoy it while you can

.... I was quite impressed that you knew the sum of a triangle was
180 degrees.... I'll bet little Joe wouldn't have known that
(he owes you a popcorn popper :-) )

... I'll even bet your mom wouldn't have known that ;-)
... of course your dad would... that's probably where you get it,
but math aptitude runs strong in us lithuanians too :-)

As you enter high school, I guess you need to decide if you are
going to be a player, or a cheerleader.

... be a player.... baseball, tennis, something that allows you
to exert your dominance, I'm hoping you'll be a space scientist
one day

... I was unloading some boxes of beans for my winter supplies,
and the maker of the box had a stamp saying : Austin, MN
... that made me think of your boyfriend who likes ice cream

... tell him to watch out for that stuff... it makes you fat
and is addictive as hell :-)

... and what would a birthday card be without a poem of sorts?

... so to put the thought in your head, which will probably confuse you
at first, but will make perfect sense in about 20 years, and you
will become an expert on it :-)

What is the difference in spatial terms between:
... complete disorder
... complete randomness
... complete uniformity
... complete chaos
... complete unity
... complete magic

for a bonus, "what does spatial mean" :-)

bwahaha, ( that is God-talk , say it often :-) )
your not so great, great uncle joe


2009 by zentara