are these omens of building fault pressures?

... this is what has been crossing my mind today... it keeps coming
back, so I guess I'll report it..

... within the past few days, these events came across the tv newswires,
on separate networks and in unrelated stories.... but I was watching,
and made a connection... :-)

... the Oakland Bay bridge metal link cracks
( an engineer said this indicates the bridge is under great stress,
which would seem to point toward shifts in land massess...)

... a large water main breaks in Los Angeles, and a sinkhole nearly
swallows a fire truck

.... a crazy guy hijacks a Mexican airliner and says he
did it to warn people that a big quake is coming

... are the tectonic pressures starting to release, or is it an
eeire psychic early warning of an upcoming event?

... I watch with interest, to see if my context for these events is correct

... I wonder if the GPS system has been able to detect a few centimeter shift?


2009 by zentara