taking care of the injured and sick, a message from brahma

... with the gargantuan health care debate going critical, I thought
I would toss out what my God and goddesses are telling me.
I represent no one, but myself, and my spirit masters.

... fix broken bones, do stitches, fix teeth (possibly pull), and
take care of all injury caused by modern life... like car wrecks,
plane crashes, stop bleeding from crime attack, etc.

... the government, or a team of government trained para-medical practioners,
will patch up the above ailments, for no cost
... you will give up the right to sue the government for any
malpractice, or missed diagnoses... thats what you get for being
a beggar for health care ... you don't bite the hand that tries
to save your sorry miserable self.. :-)
... you get real effective pain killers at the end, if you can't afford to fix
what ails you....

... but more advanced things, like major medical implants or
operations would have to be carried by a private supplimental plan

... this will really help improve competition, and that is good,
right corporate america? Competition is good for lower costs and
is the capitalist way, right? So there should be no opposition from
that quarter.

... or have the corporate people begun to fancy themselves as commissars of health?

... ideally, this rat-race civilization needs to slow down, and
people need to rest more and spend more time with their families,
under low-stress conditions... that means that people cannot be
driven like slaves to pay for a home to live in... me? I'm
probably headed for a tent somewhere, ( somewhere nice/dry I hope :-) )

... in addition to lifestyle changes, diet should come way back into
line toward a natural diet that would be provided by the eco-system
in your locality... for me its corn beans and fish

.... just fixing diet alone will cut (I'm guessing) 50% of all costs.

.... the government clinic para-medical people will also be a great
training ground for doctors and nurses who want to work their way
thru school.... even offering "work-study" programs at the clinics
that would get you a doctor's diplomma after 20 years of the classes
and on-the-job training.....

....well thats it ... me? ... I'll refuse all medical help as long as
I can feed myself.... its my way of committing suicide... let me
go naturally from any injury I sustain , or disease which catches me.

.... just kill the pain.... :-)

(you may surmise I'm a non-standard case...
....someone who is willing to do whatever
it takes to escape earth.... you need alot of velocity to do that :-) )
... my channeling of God and the goddess, neglected to clarify on how to
deal with psychological issues... I better ask next time :-)

... they do say to enjoy every moment
as though it were all going to end tommorrow
.... because for a whole bunch of humans, it will, me too one day

P.S. they are already doing the travelling, free medical clinics in
open air giant tents, to help the exteme poor in places like Appalachia..
... I wish they would come to Detroit .... ... so why not build hard wall clinics, based on the same legal basis
of free compassionate care


2009 by zentara