back into the grinder

...its supposed to be the start of the new year, school_wise,
lifestyle_wise, and other_wise

.... I don't know, but it just seems like another day to me...
.... an unemployed half-crippled yoga exercise freak, who dosn't feel
the need to rush kids thru the same old grinder, which produced
my mind
... but we better get a bunch of them trained, and happy, so they
can take care of the coming influx of wheelchair-bound old timers.

... I do state, that although I was not well to do, when I was young,
I did get some good schooling, thanks to the avant garde group of young
Jesuit brothers, and lay teachers who cracked the whip on us poor schoolboys
for awhile..... making us read books, solve geometry problems with rigourous
proofs, write papers with proper grammer and punctuation, etc,
.... now with the advent of "text messaging" stream of conciousness shorthand
style, I can scoff at them
.... I do admit that the ideas presented to me were great... I especially remember
the one by Newton (?):
"We can see far because we stand on the shoulders of the giants"

... so I guess that is the lesson, pass the knowledge on, find kids who
are willing to absorb the knowledge, and teach them.

...... the greeks said you were not an educated person, unless you could
demonstrate the proof of Pythagoreans Theorem, you know...
In a right triangle,
A squared plus B squared equals C squared

.... huh... sounds like schoolwork, but how many out there can actually
do it, like at a cocktail party on the back of a table napkin?

... so how many of us would be considered educated by greek standards?

.... now we are measured by geek standards, or the bizarre college
greek frat houses

... oh well booboo, back to yoga, I'm with you yogi


2009 by zentara