the harvest moon

...saw the harvest moon this morning, while riding my bike
under the No Loitering sign in the old school parking lot

... no loitering? ... the big brick south facing wall
is the sunniest warmest place around here.... a great place
to loiter :-)

... harvest moon?, I miss the old horse farming homestead way of life

... people were not rich, but you knew you had a little
plot of land to cultivate and keep you alive...
... and a unheated room to sleep in

... everyone had some little job to do, and old people
sat on the porch making boots for the babies, retirees died in their rockers
without being poked and prodded and operated on.

f*cking behind the barn wasn't so bad either :-)

... but we must move ahead....I wonder what the future will bring?

... back to the survivalist mindset of living off the land, or at least
trying to... :-)

... to the northern survivalist, Labor Day kind of signifies the end of
warm weather... we start staring into the jaws of the upcoming winter....
winters can kill from the cold and wet... so we best get prepared

... keep a few weeks of food handy, in case the coming el nino inspired
winter spawns ice storms....remember Quebec!?

... if you are in a tent, get some bails of straw to pack around the
tent base, and a tarp to stretch over it all... thats real survivaling ;-)

... have a good sleeping bag and snowmobile suits

... winters, even cold ones have curative properties.... a cold winter
outside purifies the mind, but you must have food and water of course...
plenty of food so your body heat stays high

.... I nearly died one winter night in my tipi camping up near Bettles
Alaska...the extreme cold air, my throat closed up to the size of a soda straw..... took all my concious effort to force myself to breathe
and exhale ever so slowly....I thought I was going to die...

....luckily I was in a good sleeping bag and I just pulled it over my head, and
breathed slowly waiting to was like 60 below zero farenheit
... last thing I remember, I drifted off to sleep

.... when I woke, I could breathe but immediately started coughing, and
hacked up the last 20 years of pollution I had absorbed....
....then, to my amazement I was feeling the best ever in my entire life
... I don't know what that cold weather did to me, but it was good for
me in the long run ... like a gaunlet which you pass or fail...if you fail
you lose a body part or life.

.... I lucked out...don't try this unless you know what you are doing...
I nearly killed myself by walking over the ice-covered river in the Spring,
... I was later told by locals, that warm holes open and I could be
sucked under and be swept away
under the ice

.... oh well the dream ends, I guess reality for most is that
.... soon you'll be chauffering kids to school and wondering how your football team
will do this season

.... this winter... I think I'm going to do more indoor yoga stretching exercises...
getting old and stiff... ;-)


2009 by zentara