Biology always interested me, but I found it too
disconcerting to look at dissected bodies. I feel that
the body-soul link is so sacred, that to cut open and tamper
with the body is almost sacrilegious. DNA research scares the hell out of me.


Spontaneous generation, Evolution, God's hidden hand,
Whatever the means, life somehow began,
The spectrum is wide-- amoeba , man, trees,
And all are linked by carbon-based biochemistry.
Whatever the reason, of the how and why,
To study life, we must learn to classify,
The understanding of Latin is necessary knowledge,
To comprehend the names of earth's animals and foliage.
But what is life, what is the plan,
What distinquishes it from plain mud and sand?
It violates the physical law of Entropy,
From randomness to order, how can it be?
Could it be a spirit, or a new form of energy?
That created complex systems out of the random atomic sea?
Or is it intrinsic in the Physical Chemistry,
Bond-forming valleys of potential energy?
Can Quantuum Mechanics explain a strand of DNA?
They're still working on Helium, they must go a longway,
A replicative link back to the origin,
A time-trancending biological tachyon.
Many links are missing in the Evolutionary chain,
But it's logical and rational-- easy on the brain,
God must really laugh when sees the daily news,
To read that He's a monkey, and he created me and you.
© copyright 1997 by zentara