the end of a great summer for the midwest

...thanks El Nino... you made for perfect outdoor weather
for city people in the upper midwest ( Detroit - Minneapolis lattitudes)
...its been cool and dry and sunny, with breezes and great white
clouds dotting a clear blue sky.... all summer long

.... now, Labor Day weekend.... Detroit is having its jazz festival this weekend
.... I wish I could go, but I don't have health insurance :-)

.... its a full moon, so I hope everyone will keep their fangs
from showing
... you may be able to sneak in a howl in a secluded alley if the
agony becomes unbearable :-)

.... I think Detroit should take more of an entertainment mecca approach
to it's future...
... plow up all the old abandoned neighborhoods and turn them into
organic farms to grow fresh local food for restaurants on the river front
... the really talented artisans and producers want cheap fresh healthy food
now.... they don't want fast food...

.... the farms could also grow other crops in case the restaurant business
is slow....but restaurants always open up which are affordable
for the average guy.... I would make a potato pancake restaurant myself... :-)

.... have jazz clubs and bars all accessible by walkable paths, maybe
covered and infrared heated in the winter

.... turn all those empty office and warehouses into cheap housing so
the poorly paid workers can having housing within walking distance....
....the public transportation here is reliable city buses

... I remember when I was young... the great days of the DSR bus system....
city busses run like they should....ladies sat up front...schoolboys/girls
in the middle....gangsters in the back :-).....every 15 minutes a bus
would could get anywhere for thirty cents ( 25 cent fare and nickel tranfer)...
.... I always remember the funny way the driver would grill you if you
asked for 2 transfers.... you would have to explain in front of the
bus why you needed 2, what routes were you taking, etc.

.... the factories have all moved out into the country, or far flung
suberbs, so Detroit may as well rely on it's waterfront and benign

.... thats another thing.... bad storms always seem to miss Detroit
.... I think that is one of the reasons they keep factories here....
sure you get ice and snow....but no killer storms...a safe place for factories
and businesses

.... the indigenous peoples had a belief that big storms avoid the
big bends in the river for some spiritual reasons

.... I like jazz, syncopated rythms, yeah, it engages my hyperdrive :-)
.... and I salute all the talented musicians who waste their entire life
pursuing their passion of making their instruments sing

.... a man needs music


2009 by zentara