uh oh, the neutrino again

... as my mind was surfing thru space time, I wondered
"what is the absolute reference frame for an 11 dimensional universe?"

... I needed to know this, to estimate how fast sub atomic particles in
my being, are being changed.... in order to calculate my surfing speed thru the cosmos.

... I mean we think of the Milky Way as the center of reference for us,
but that is only a 3 dimensional guess

.... in an 11 dimensional universe, where would it's origin be ?
.... would Time be constant across all 11 dimensions, or would they

... as Einstein said, there is no reference frame, and except for the
speed of light constant, there isn't much for us to grasp on to out there,

... information theory may allow us to feel what is going on out there
by detecting odd coincidences in our space time event sequences, that
attract our attention..... maybe its a god shaking a rattle over the
interesting little human.. :-)

....events need context before they can be assigned meaning, so know
and understand what are the current "contexts" which are important to

... the neutrinos may be packets of thought information that may
be transferred between creatures, especially thru eye contact....
... what you call a "momentary glistening of the eye" may be a giant
packet of thought engrams which were just transferred to you...
and vice-versa.

... I mean we are currently using light wave lasers to transfer giant
amounts of information around.... maybe the Great Designer is one step ahead ?..
packeted information bundles... revealing the instantaneous snapshot
state of your mind... and you can do nothing about it... they go
flying out of you unimpeded into space, as a record of you

... Santa does indeed know whether you are naughty or nice.. :-)

... you can look it up for yourself...google for neutrino research,
and find people who report it.
.... your body, naturally contains potassium which emits neutrinos
all the time.... even in the dark, you glow

Our body's 20 milligrams of beta radioactive Potassium 40
emit about 340 million neutrinos per day, which go at well-nigh
lightspeed to the ends of the universe!..even thru the earth.

.... so how fast may I assume I'm surfing thru space time?
I don't know the answer...
...I break it into 2 parts...body and soul

... for the body, at least I know that I'm less than the speed
of light... certainly a great deal less :-)

... for the soul, I'm assuming that I need to deal with this in thought
space...so thought space must be the interface to the soul
.... in thought space I see no limit to the dream you can enter

.... mortality is such as bitchin bad deal

I'm not claiming that these neutrinos are the source of the Akashic Record
... but they could be.... and a mind like mine can't help but make the connection.
Much of what I said is true for me, but may not be for you,
it depends how your personal magic works.... but you should
think about it sometime...


2009 by zentara