musings on death american style

.... if you are a brave soul, read on, otherwise this may mess with your happiness,
...on the other hand, it could be the greatest source of joy and relief you've yet to find

... what is it?... its a way to alleviate your fear of death... the primal fear...
getting eaten by a lion.... or a shark, etc

... it seems that for us each, the River of Time, which carries us,
as we float along moment to moment, goes over this great waterfall, where
all the atomic matter in what you call your being, disintegrates back into
randomness.... and eventually even those random atoms will disintegrate
back into the great Void( for lack of a better term ).... maybe they go
back into new stars, bodies, etc.... who knows....I can't think that far ahead. :-)

... anyways...what is left? ... for lack of a better term, it is the part of you,
a thread so to speak, that is eternal.... after all the atoms that make you
up are long gone, there is this package of information.... thoughts all bundled
up into a god friendly format... and ready to move on to the next incarnation

... if you are wise, you will ask to be allowed into the pure energy universe,
where thoughts are manifest directly into energy reality.... but this is tough
to get into as most humans, would create havoc.... with their need to take over
territory.. :-) ( don't get me started on real estate, and the morality of owning land )
...( if you are interested, read the book Perelandra )

.... so it's like an ocean out there in death space

.... when your soul first emerges, it's like a little turtle trying to make
it to the safety of the cosmic ocean before getting picked off by the predatory guardians....
...who are doing penance for God, by standing guard at the entrance to the realm,
and keeping bad souls from entering
....God knows they are good at preying, because they were experts at being bad...
.... it takes one to know one, as the saying goes.... ;-)

.... what, where, when your eternal thread migrates to in the great cosmic ocean,
is up to you and your desires....

Fine Print:
( but as usual, be careful what you desire, since it usually becomes a harsh mistress,
as you become trapped by them in another painful incarnation in the atomic world.)
.... (the "god damn the ice cream man" clause :-) )


2009 by zentara