torture culpability

... as I consider myself somewhat a seeker of the truth, and an intellectual,
I find the screams to prosecute waterboarding ( and other torture techniques )

.... if we look the other way, how long before they will be torturing their
fellow citizens, namely us, the average peasants in the US.

.... or how would we feel if our captured soldiers, representatives, or
citizens, like nurses, and teachers, get tortured by the other side?

... I did say earlier "let sleeping dogs lay", but now that the issue
is like a wound on the american psyche, may not it be better addressed
in a more karma friendly manner.... so we can all start building toward
a friendlier future.

.... how about all the people involved in these techniques, just publically
( like on international tv ) apologize to the world community, and then
let those dogs go back to sleep..... these guys are not barbarians killing
entire villages .... they are playing war games with other combatants

.... personally, I think they have sick souls to participate in such things, but
who on earth is perfect, and God will deal out the justice ultimately, thru
the reincarnation process
... why destroy them and their families for being gung-ho in a sick way?

.... what I really can't understand, is wouldn't drugging with truth serum
be a better, safer, more humane way to get them to talk? ... why the
fascination with techniques that are painful or horrifying?

when laying dogs are awoken
they just become lying and misspoken
so whats the use?


2009 by zentara