the zen of free energy

...what if...just what if.... the ying yang stuff
many of us see in our personal soul searching, is actually
manifest somewhere down in one or more of the 11 dimensions
of the current deep particle physics model?

.... just a tiny pulsation in one of the string dimensions
.... just the tiniest pulsations that expand/contract, so that
its dimension takes slightly more space an inflating/deflating balloon...

.... I can feel it... in my heart beat...its dream space

.... maybe its two dimensions?... doing a sub-micro-scopic dance
in the tiniest parts of all our atoms....the male I am, and the
bitching female hiding somewhere in there. :-)

... I know that I have a ying and yang component in my psyche,
and shouldn't it be taken as an assumption to all logic, that
our our psyches have been preprogrammed somehow so that ying and yang co-exist happily in one's mind?

... as you sit there, looking forward, remember, that although
you feel stationary in your chair, your atoms are flying at
unearthly speeds thru the space-time dimensional set ....
.... feel the rush of all your atoms travelling at thousands
of miles per second.... and who knows exactly how fast... what is
the reference frame? are lucky earth's gravity holds you down... :-)

P.S. the man who would be king connection, is reference to an old
English black and white movie, where the gods ponder the worthiness
of the human race

the gods, make Leo G. Carroll, a hapless average human, into a god, ...even though he still has human faults,
..and watch what happens....

... in the end, he completely destroys the earth ...pulverized it to space rock in a jealous angry fit

... but his last dying godly command, as he clung to a piece of space rock,
was to put everything back together, the way it was before he was tested....

...and that human ingenuity saved the human race,
and postponed the judgement of the gods untill a later date

....because we show promise... :-)


2009 by zentara