lucky us I was about to bemoan my poor situation.... bad hips, no health insurance
broke, too old to be employable ( don't get me started on that :-) )
I thought of all the people who would just do anything to be in my

... I remember a scene from Band of Brothers, where the heoric officer,
after surviving, and seeing the gore of D-day....mused to himself and God ....
that all he would want, if he survived, was a quiet little farm in the
backwoods somewhere, for himself and his family.

.... or even all the soldiers and other victims of the grim reaper, who would
love to just be a bum in a basement, even for a day.... this day...this fun day

... or a scene from an old Vonnegut rewrite from the 60's on TV...
... The hero was laying depressed and utterly lost in the cosmos,
musing "Why me? Why me?", and God responds "think of all the other mud
that never got a chance to pull itself together, sit up, and take a look
around.... you are lucky".

... or the Wide Angle documentary I saw on PBS in the wee hours of the night
on life in oil rich equitorial Africa.... horrendous for the people, I would
rather be in my humble situation, than be part of a horror like that. as I sit here, contemplating my rights as an existee on earth,
... a mature man having a 1 man party listening to the radio....
... my only conclusion is that I must be partying with God and
the goddess....

.... somehow, I like being unemployed, poor, and near the
edge of the great void.... it gives you a greater appreciation
for the free, simpler things of life..... and a longing for
the finer things.... but thats OK, because the finer things are usually
bad for you in this day and age.....

.... as a canadian song lyric says...
"don't let this fleeting summmer pass you by"


2009 by zentara