I studied electricity and electronics for almost 20 years.
I came to the conclusion that the "essence" and origin
of it, is more fascinating than it's practical uses.
Nevertheless.... here is my Ode to Electricity.


Interesting  stuff ---- this electrical energy,
On the one hand very practical, the other deep theory,
From the simplicity of Ohm's Law, and Maxwell's elegant equations,
Comes light bulbs, toasters, and color televisions.

We're told that it's nothing but electrons, on the move,
Who cares? As long as the stereo still grooves,
But on a deeper level of advanced explanation,
Electricity and Magnetism are one----- a four-dimensional manifestation.

The mathematics of Maxwell can open your mind,
To the beauty of four dimensions, the concept of space-time,
An electron and a light pulse floating alone in space,
It's very theoretical, what their interaction creates.

We must put foundations under our castles in the sky,
So the scientist defers, and gives the engineer a try,
Maxwell is fine, if you want to hem and haw,
But to power this world, just give me Ohm's Law.

Current times resistance is the voltage you see,
The power multiple of time is the total energy,
For calculations he only needs five digits of PI,
The engineer asks HOW, instead of the WHY.

Inductance, capacitance, and transistor curves,
Frequency, rise time, are important parameters,
Electricity has given man a many useful device,
As the commercial says--- It brings good things to life.


© copyright 1997 by zentara