the zen of numbers and the flow of Time

- <--------------------|------------------> +

... it is built into our basic number system, that multiplying
2 negatives always yields a positive; yet multiplying 2 positives
does not yield a negative... it also is positive

... is this the basic assymetry that eventually forces everything
to go from left to right? ...statistical number interactions that
have a clear cut tendency to move to positive territory

... is this God's clever design of a "self-righting boat", that will
always keep the bow moving forward.... no matter what happens, Time
will flow forward, as the preponderence of positive creations, overwhelm
any negative creations?... and it is built right into the number system?

... a truly recursively infinitely dimensional space does exist
as a thought, and is probably a reality....

P.S. ... any true seeker of the truth surely would have
tried the 2 mirror and candle experiment.. :-)


2009 by zentara