attaining enlightenment

.... now what does that mean?

... maybe being allowed into a special party at God's place? ... no

... maybe being given special powers so that you can vanquish your enemies? ... no
(well maybe, you can get that with the territory, but it isn't a guarantee )

... it is realizing the immortal nature of your soul,
and the mortal nature of your body,
and that the soul is far superior, because of it's infinite Time component
(although the body feels pretty good when you are in one) :-)

....and realizing that it is our karmic obligation to make the world a
eden like paradise

... there is no "know your place in the heirarchy of spirits"
...its just you and God in there.... and if you do flow with the
spirit, it's all oneness.... no heirachies of power.

... so I realize that I'm a zen seeker of truth.... zen is the art
of knowing by intuition.... I won't listen to preachers and priests..
I see what I see, for myself, in my head, and have made my conclusions,
and developed beliefs, sometimes based on a sixth sense that led me correctly.

...led where, you ask? .... I'm a penniless old man .... why be led there?

...led to a state of mind that allows you to see the magic in the cosmos,
see connections where others see nothing.... become a Miss Marple. :-)

... may I finish by saying.... "I'm still young and this definition
may change with Time"..... everything changes with Time it seems... and that
is good.

P.S. my father told me "never give up on your dream"... my dream is eden

P.S.1 you must allow magic to live in your mind, before it can work for you

....long live the imagination :-)


2009 by zentara