storms may be living entities of unknown energy form

.... a nice stormy day promised.... I love the energy of storms and rain

...oO( reminded of a storm I experienced in southern Arizona)

I was working on an organic carrot farm on the mexican border
(literally on the border fence line)

I was carrying supplies in my backpack down this 4-wheeler rutty road,
that led from the main farm house (supply house), to my lean-to camp
on the carrot operation down in the water-rich valley.
... about a 3 mile hike

...half way down, and almost out of no where, a micro-burst storm
of lightening hit .... I was so shocked I could only think of diving for
cover behind some scrubby desert tree, mostly to be protected from
flying debris and sand

...lasted about 1 minute and had me scared shitless

... when it was over, I saw that lightening had started a desert
bush on fire.... wow! I thought a burning bush in the desert....
maybe its like Moses?

... it was such a surreal seaquence of events, that I even considered
walking over to see if the burning bush tried to communicate with me....
.... but no... I was worried that my lean-to camp, only a half a mile away,
was demolished....including my sleeping gear... and it was getting dark.

... whew!... when I got to my camp, I was amazed to find that not even a
single piece of paper was blown out of place.... wow..I thought...I must
have good karma.

... but no! ... nature got her revenge for my braggadocio

... on a very hot dry sunny day, in front of about 50 migrant workers,
who were hand weeeding carrots, under my watchful eyes... a dust devil appeared
a few hundred yards away, and sort of drifted randomly in the general direction
of my camp.... the dust devil wasn't big, maybe 70 feet from top to bottom

... eventually all the workers stood up and started to laugh, but I thought
what could a dinky little dust devil do? I'm a mid-westerner and have seen tornados hit my camp directly, causing the leaning old barn door roof to
flip over; and like a giant vacuum cleaner, sucked all my belongings 50 feet
up into the air, along with a bunch of dust and dried cow dung

.... eventually all my belongings were dropped, scattered and filthy dirty,
over a football field sized area

... I felt destroyed .... and thought "this is going to be a long day"

....even to this day, I believe that storms are a life form,
that can act conciously, and be communicated with.

... just as we rely on and use photosynthesis for our teat (energy connection)
to the great mother earth, the storm lives off of the thermodynamic temperature
differentials out there in the ecosystem

... one old theoritician, claimed the vortex difference between the northern and
southern hemispheres, is actually caused by the cumulative gravitational pull
of the Milky Way..... you know.... the water spins differently as it goes down the drain,
in different hemispheres

... I muse .... might these storms be short lived life forms from the galactic level?...
somehow incarnating in the energetic wind, for an intense short life

.... I can feel it.... they are alive.... always say a prayer to the storm gods
to protect yourself and property, prior to a storm arriving.... it just may make
it turn the other way..... :-)

P.S. odysseus, and the ancient greeks knew enough to respect the storm spirits

P.S.1 ... just to clarify the intent of these life forms.... just because
a storm damages something does not neccessarily mean bad luck or retribution
from the gods .... it could mean, that something needed moving around somewhere
in that area....and with all that power.... you know collateral damage..;-(


2009 by zentara